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5 Stars: Entertainment Now

"This is a funny, highly original and, in its denouement, very touching...

 I came away feeling that I had seen something that was as important as it was funny."

Lane Kwederis Sex Job One Sheet.JPEG

4 Stars: The Scotsman

"Ingenious... shining a bright light on the industry in a refreshingly frank and entertaining way."

5 Stars: Mumble Comedy

"I certainly didn’t anticipate that it would shoot straight into

my top 5 must see shows of the year."

4.5 Stars: One4Review

"Lane’s insight into being a sex worker is not just about financial gain,

it’s also a persons fight against public perceptions.
It’s an informative performance expertly delivered by a brave and talented woman."

4 Stars: Broadway Baby

"Kwederis does not hold back, and it is a delight to watch...

The show is entertaining, educational and bags of fun."

The Scottish Sun

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The Herald

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