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About Sex Job Show

Written and Performed by Lane Kwederis

Directed by Matt Gehring

What happens when you moonlight as a comedian, but your dayjob is sex work?


Welcome to Sex Job! This show gives you an inside look into the life of a financial dominatrix. How does it work? What even is financial domination!? Learn the in’s and out’s of what it’s like to be a sex worker: the good, the bad, and the shockingly hilarious. You will walk out of this show feeling uplifted, empowered, and like an expert on kinks you didn’t even know existed**


**Flash photography, video and the judging of a sex worker is prohibited

About Lane Kwederis

Creator, Writer, and Performer of Sex Job Show

Lane is a comedian, sex worker, and the creator of the show Sex Job: A show that gives you an inside look into the life of a financial dominatrix. Lane has a BFA in musical theater from The Boston Conservatory and can be seen on shows like Broad City, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Master of None, and Netflix’s The Characters. She has been a house team performer at comedy theaters like The Upright Citizens Brigade, The Magnet, and The PIT. She can also be seen performing on the musical improv team Moonlight at The Magnet Theater.

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About Matt Gehring

Director of Sex Job Show

Matt is a writer, performer and director of comedy. You’ve seen him on Netflix, Comedy Central and the UCB stage. Currently, he is a co-creator and leader of the Ars Nova’s Comedy Artist Makers Program (CAMP). As a director, Matt directed the 5-star Edinburgh Fringe Festival show: Ellie MacPherson Happy Birthday Mr. President. He’s also directed numerous shows, including Bowen Yang and Pop Roulette, Chrissy Shackelford and musical comedies MoviePass: The Musical and SHIZ: Broadway Meets Sketch Comedy.

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